SECONDS SALE Mareep + Flaaffy + Ampharos Pokemon Inspired Enamel pins

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This listing is for B-GRADE enamel pins- these pins have minor flaws that vary from dimples, scratches, slight discoloration, dark specs, etc. Please be aware when purchasing that these items are not flawless pins, and that the pins are chosen 100% at random!

Mareep is a pretty relatable pokemon- we look cuddly and sweet but if you get too close unexpectedly, we will probably shock you! Ampharos on the other hand is just a big ol cheesetick of a sweetheart. Either way, you've got yourself two electric cuties ready to go on an adventure with you (maybe light a lighthouse or two).

Mareep is 23mm smol, made of gold-plated hard enamel and has one butterfly clasp!
Ampharos stands 40mm tall of gold-plated hard enamel and has TWO posts with butterfly clasps.