CLEARANCE Chill Sweater - Pastel Yumekawaii Sweatshirt

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~*~*~*PLEASE NOTE*~*~*~
All clearance items are FINAL and AS-IS. Shirts have one of several disclosed defects or damage and pins are not organized by grade. The goal is to get OLD products OUT of my office, so part of the price reduction also involves the speed at which I am able to clear things out- I can't take special requests or care with these items, you get what is listed :D Thanks for shopping!

Once upon a time, a shirt printer sent me a whole SLEW of misaligned SMALL and MEDIUM sweaters, I was unhappy to say the least. THEN, another time, I spilled coffee on a good amount of sweaters too. Now I am left with a bunch of sweaters I don't feel comfy selling at full price BUT PLEASE TAKE THEM SWEATERS TAKE UP A LOT OF ROOM

Coffee sweaters have no visible stains, have been washed and dried by me, and have some pilling as a result but are UNWORN and SUPER CLEAN AND FRESH

Misaligned sweaters come in Small and Medium (see last 2 photos)

I will not check which sweaters are which, so it's up in the air if you receive a washed or a misaligned sweater.

Sweaters screenprinted with screen printing on Gildan 18000 sweaters (pink)
Sizing is as follows:

S 20 27 33.5
M 22 28 34.5
L 24 29 35.5
XL 26 30 36.5
2XL 28 31 37.5