Seconds Sale B-Grade Ghost Pokemon Inspired Halloween Enamel Pins

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This listing is for B-GRADE enamel pins- these pins have minor flaws that vary from dimples, scratches, slight discoloration, dark specs, etc. Please be aware when purchasing that these items are not flawless pins, and that the pins are chosen 100% at random!

These spooky friends are ready for Halloween! They are all fancy and sparkly and ready to hang out on your backpack or hat or collar or whatever! Wherever! Get fancy!

Each pin is hard enamel with gold plating and features a butterfly-clasp to keep it secure!
Litwick and Pumpkaboo are 28mm tall
Gengar is 30mm tall
Banette is 33mm tall

Phantump is 30mm tall
Duskull is 33mm tall