Cotton Face Masks - Ugly Plants Original Design

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~*~* PLEASE NOTE *~*~
I am not a medical professional, these were not made in a medical facility. I can't guarantee the effectiveness of these masks in covid prevention!! These were made based on my own research of medial masks and cloth masks in mind. I have only ever made products I myself would use and am happy to share those products with you.

COVID-19 isn't going anywhere aND EVEN IF IT DID my message has always been: WEAR A MASK! In a pandemic they are essential to limiting the spread of a droplet-transmitted virus, and every other TIME they are essential to keep others safe if YOU have a COLD OR FLU MAN it's just manners!

All fabric designs are printed on 100% cotton
All linings are either 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester blend (mainly cotton)
All prewashed (pre-shrunk)
All original designs
All handmade by me!

7"x9" pleated masks
Regular size: 6" elastic ear straps
XL size: 7" elastic ear straps
(Unless you have a very large head, significant beard, etc. we recommend the REGULAR size! Most people that have tried these prefer this! Straps can always be tied off to adjust sizing)
(Please message me if you think you need an XL size so I can edit the stock)
See infographic for more details on mask design!