COVID19 Update AUGUST 2020

Hello again everyone!

As the year has worn on and we've seen the impact of COVID-19 stretch beyond what we could have imagined (and I imagined a lot), I've found myself needing to shift operations from how we operated in tHe BeFoRe TiMeS


Please be mindful of items that are fulfilled and shipped through Printful. Due to COVID, many people opened Print on Demand stores and therefore this service has become overwhelmed. I'm slowly working on stocking these products myself, but in the meantime, please keep in mind while shopping the fact that all of these items have been delayed several weeks!


It's not as easy for me to go to the post office, and it's undeniably a risk, so I go once a week AT MOST. I also am shipping from a smaller post office in San Antonio, TX. Previously I shipped from a post office in Manhattan that was used to HUGE volumes from surrounding businesses. My new one is not so swift, so keep this in mind.

Additionally, USPS has begun limiting its operations in some inexplicably diabolical political move. You are welcome to google this and the details but the impact on my operations results in slower delivery times. Please keep in mind that I am not responsible and have no control over the actions of USPS as a larger organization or over your personal mail carrier, as much as I wish I did :( I'd pay them more and give them back their overtime but it's not up to me :(


Due to a shift in workspace, fabric availability, annual event schedule, and lifestyle, my product availability has shifted. I am gradually re-listing items as I go but it's been a slow operation. If you are looking for something specific that you saw online before, but no longer see, shoot me a message! I will see if I'm able to make one currently.

That being said, I'm taking this pandemic as an opportunity to expand my product line and so keep your eyes out for new items on my instagram!

I hope you are all safe and healthy, and please take care of yourselves first and foremost!

With endless love
Anastasia Holl