COVID19 Update March 2020

Hello again everyone!

If you're receiving this message, you STILL have an outstanding order on It's been an insane and unpredictable string of events here in Ugly Plants land, so let me explain a bit.

After flying to Texas for surgery, we deemed it unwise for me to return via airplane so soon during my recovery. So instead, I shipped what orders I could from Texas. Then, we flew to Mexico for our wedding ceremony with family. In that time, the situation regarding the Covid19 pandemic in New York City devolved rapidly. We watched from afar as our home went into lockdown and as the number of sick and dying rose exponentially. As of today, March 21 2020, we have deemed it unsafe to return to NYC and we don't know when we will be able to.

"What does this mean for me?"

It means most open orders are on hold indefinitely. A lot of items are stuck in my apartment. This affects enamel pins and handmade items specifically. I don't have access to my patterns, so even if I were to re-order fabric, I have no way of re-creating the items you ordered accurately (which is my top goal when handmaking items).

If you ordered any of these items, please contact me if you'd like to cancel your order and receive a full refund. Otherwise, consider your items on-hold and top-priority for when I am able to retrieve my stock and patterns. When I return, selection will still be limited, so this means you're reserving a spot in the production line and your item is guaranteed. We are exploring all our options, including driving to our apartment to retrieve items and relocate for longer-term in Texas. But it's a day-by-day matter, so if an open timeline is not OK for you, let me know ASAP!

If you have ordered a shirt or hat:

Hats will be arriving to me Monday and I will be able to ship these to you. If you have non-hat items in your order, I will be refunding the cost of those items and simply shipping your hats.

Shirts will be delayed, but I am placing a new order since I needed to re-stock my shirts anyway. If you ordered a shirt that was in-stock, you will be top priority in shipment amongst the new orders. If you are not OK with waiting a few more weeks, let me know ASAP and I'm happy to cancel your order.

Please note that in order to keep my business going, as well as to keep food on the table for my husband and our families, Ugly Plants WILL continue operations. If you ordered an item that is unable to ship, but you see other people receiving different items, please know it's PURELY due to the above, extremely weird, unpredictable, crazy circumstances! It isn't anything personal, and it isn't how I'd ever have hoped my business to be operating. 

Please please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. I'd like to do what's best by my customers and maintain the happy Ugly Plants community you have all helped me build as much as I can despite the most insane 2020 I would have never been able to imagine.

I hope you are all safe and healthy, and please take care of yourselves first and foremost!

With endless love
Anastasia Holl