Animal Crossing Villager ACRYLIC Pins


 ~*~*~*~PLEASE NOTE~*~*~*~

These are NOT for custom villagers! This listing reflects pins I CURRENTLY have in stock! Please stay tuned for more info on another round of custom villagers this JULY

Have you ever wanted to carry your favorite villager around with you? Like on your purse? Maybe you're literally like me and you want to whip out your amiibo card of your favorite Villager that you may or may not carry around in your wallet cough Shep cough. Well here's a more socially nuanced alternative for you, if you're like me.

All pins are approximately 1.5" tall
(Except eloise, who is accidentally 1" tall and therefore reduced)
Isabelle is 2.4"
Printed single-side acrylics, safety pin backs, resin dome

Note that colors may appear different in real life than on the monitor