CLEARANCE Stretched Flaaffy Pins

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~*~*~*PLEASE NOTE*~*~*~
All clearance items are FINAL and AS-IS. Shirts have one of several disclosed defects or damage and pins are not organized by grade. The goal is to get OLD products OUT of my office, so part of the price reduction also involves the speed at which I am able to clear things out- I can't take special requests or care with these items, you get what is listed :D Thanks for shopping!

Once upon a time my manufacturer, rather than asking me about some unclear measuremensts, decided to STRETCH MY ARTWORK TO FIT A NUMBER and as a result I had nearly TWO-HUNDRED STRETCHED FLAAFFY PINS. And you know what they've been sitting in my office literally since that day, and now is your chance to nab one of these special, tall boys.

Nor organized by grade

Have 2 pin backings

Shiny and Regular available

About 38mm tall