Cute Happy Succulent Plush Toy

This item is MADE-TO-ORDER!

Do you ever wake up and smile at your plants? Do you tell your beautiful succulent garden, "Good morning little family!" ? Do you think, "Oh I feel as though they are smiling back at me!"? We feel the same! So we made a succulent that will smile back at you! Bonus: This one cannot die! He cannot propagate either though, so please don't try!

Fabric pots come in a variety of colors, please check out the images for an imageboard of minky colors you can choose from! Feel free to message me with any questions on color :D Amethyst is pictured in the stock photos!

Each succulent is approximately 5" tall by 5" wide. They are all filled with plastic beads to balance their bottoms, and fluffy polyester filling to keep them soft and squishy!! This little friend has 3 layers of leaf- one in front, his head in the middle, and another layer in back! A truly luscious friend!

Please note, these items are each individually handmade! As such, there will be an understandable amount of variance between the photo and the final product you receive due to human error! That's the fun of buying handmade! :D Each one is special in its own way!