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Long Bags Defects

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These bags are considered somewhat defective- this includes a variety of things at different levels of severity. BUT all are functional and in-tact. The defects include:

  • Twisted body (missewn)
  • Crooked body
  • Crooked head
  • Uneven legs
  • Askew legs (more than acceptable)
  • Embroidery errors
  • Misshapen ears

You will receive a random bag, you can't request a defect or a specific bag. Again, all bags are FULLY FUNCTIONAL and some of the defects are worse than others (I tried to be picky).

See the original listing information below:

a lemgthy friend for your lemgthy adventures

  • Total Body Length: 18"
  • Bag Interior Length: 10"
  • Total Body Width: 5"
  • Fully plush head size: 4" x 5"
  • Fully Adjustable strap with buckle! 
  • Fully embroidered face for safety!
  • Sport zipper for durability (and fun)