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~*~*~*~PLEASE NOTE*~*~*~*~*~
This item is on a pre-order basis! We expect the item in late February 2020 but due to Chinese New Year, unforeseen manufacturing issues, shipping issues, weather etc. we can't guarantee any specific date! Purchasing is full acknowledgement of this fact!

We are super excited to finally expand the Ugly Plants universe with our first mass-produced plush! We have fine-tuned our cactus design to bring you a super cute new version!

  • This cactus stands 6" tall and 6.5" wide from arm to arm.
  • They will first be available in two colors, pink and lavender!
  • Pots have plastic base to ensure they stand straight
  • Featuring brown face embroidery, yellow spikes, and a pink heart on the pot!

Standard retail price of these little dudes will be $30 
(a 20% discount off full retail price)