SECONDS SALE Black Bat Enamel Pin - Spooky Cute Goth Enamel Pin

  • $8.00
  • Save $2

We have a limited quantity of "seconds"- pins that did not pass our "A-OK" inspection and are being sold at a reduced price!

PLEASE BE AWARE! The reduced price is due to a varying number of flaws that we have found on the pins. Flaws vary from pin to pin and we cannot guarantee the type of issue nor the severity of the pin you will receive, only that these are not picture perfect. Flaws may include: crooked backing pin, thin or splotchy pain, bubbles, dark spots, grooves, scratches, etc.

Sometimes, you feel a little spooky. Just a little! You like black, you like vampires, but you're a happy kid! Like this bat- he's dark but he's not gloomy! He's got a cheery little smile and a festive bow to match all your dark outfits, for those days you feel a little spooky on the inside and wanna show it off.

Each pin is made of high-quality hard enamel, with enamel coloring and silver-plated outlines, and has a butterfly clip backing. They stand 33mm wide (~1.2").