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Bear Photocard Holder - Brown


Do you have a long bear? Ok well this is his little brother. He loves to collect cards- K-pop photocards, pokemon cards, Yu Gi Oh cards, chekis, polaroids with his friends, polaroids of YOU with YOUR friends. He'd even hold a photo ID for you if you asked him!

Overall, this photocard holder is:

  • 7.25" tall
  • 4.5" wide
  • Window is approx 3.5"x2.5"
  • Pocket made to hold a standard topholder (3"x4")
  • Features a lobster clasp keychain
  • Stitching at the bottom to hold card in place

A lot of photocard holders are flimsy and small- not this guy. He's big. His window is big. In fact, the window is designed to be large enough to show off all your deco stickers! You probably deco your toploaders like I do. If not, you can now.