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CLEARANCE Chef Bear Plush + Spoon

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Once upon a time, there was a teeny smol bear who came from a Big Bear Family. The bears loved to eat honey and berries all day long, but this little bear wanted something more. He started combining the things his Big Bear Family would find to make BAKED GOODIES like the bears had never seen before. Although he could barely hold a human-sized spoon, this little bear soon became well known around the town for his baked goods. He was able to open his Patisserie and has since become the world famous Chef Bear!

  • Chef Bear is 13" tall
  • Made from a cuddly teddy minky.
  • Minky applique eyes and ears
  • Embroidered cheeks
  • Little button nose!
  • He will never remove his hat, because he is a professional
  • but his APRON is removable with a little tie~

He also has a minky spoon which magnet so that Chef Bear will be able to hold his favorite tool!!!!

Bears come with either a magnet in-hand or no magnet. All bears + spoon sets come with magnets. The magnet has no visual impact on the bear.