Spooky Kids Enamel Pin Set- Kawaii Halloween Pins

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Wow! What a scary gang! So tough! So sweet. So soft. Just kidding they're not scary at all ~( ಠ wಠ)~ they would love to hang out with you! Their slogan is "make it spoopy" so if you're not feeling adequately spooped so far this 2018, they will ensure that changes.

There are 4 kids:
Jack-o-Kid who is a pumpkin by all rights. He is very patient and mellow but really hates Starbucks around this time of year but will not say why.... he is 35mm
Candy Kid who has a large forehead and she used to be self conscious about it but now she thinks it's her distinguishing feature. She is bold but sweet. She is 33mm
Cat Kid might be secretly evil but she is too quiet to tell. She has a journal she won't let anyone read. She is 33mm
Witchy Kid refuses to wear a dress because she insists her individual fashion is key. She is currently studying for her broom driver's license. She is 36mm

All the kids are made from gold-plated iron, hard-enamel pins.
They have butterfly backing and double-posts!

The full retail price will be $12 each due to size and double post!
Full retail for entire set will be $42!